In her drawings, paintings and photographs, Pascale Cumberbatch celebrates earthly beauty and converses with the rich visual poetry of flowers, colour and light.

Pascale Cumberbatch is a British-French artist. Her work explores a reverence for the natural world entwined with an enchantment with allegory and the imaginary. Drawn to the imperfect, the wilted bloom or cracked porcelain, she explores the transience and fragility of life, transformation, decay and renewal. A fascination with themes of everyday human existence and culture is reflected in her depiction of commonplace objects of daily life and home, reflecting the values, morals and traces of memory we associate with these things.​​​​​​​
Painting and photography are central to her practice but the process can also involve drawing or printing, weaving elements together to convey a narrative or feeling. Symbols, motifs and mythology frequently appear in the work, often present but barely perceptible. Her work reflects the female perspective; the female form and themes of femininity run throughout.
Pascale has travelled, lived, studied and worked across many corners of the world, these experiences deeply influencing her work. She studied Anthropology as her first degree at the University of California, Los Angeles. She later studied Photography at University of the Arts, London, and completed an MA in Contemporary Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford in 2015. Her practice is based at Magdalen Road Studios and her daily walks through Oxford, from home to the studio, provide space for contemplation and inspiration.
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